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19 Practical Investments That Will Make You Money Even As You Sleep

You have little savings tucked in somewhere. You feel that you should put it to good use so that it can help you and your loved ones in future. A well-deserved break is in order, you have worked hard and earned your money. Now you need to make it work for you. But what practical investment can you employ that is simple and doable with a modest capital?

Where do you start? You have some ideas of some investments and I would like to add to those ideas or give you new ones if you had none. Here are some investment opportunities that are suited for either a large or modest capital.

1. High Yield Savings Account

One of the safest practical investments you can ever make is having a High yield savings account. Why? Because though the interest is not that massive, your money is free of any risk of any kind. And you do not have to do anything but just save in the account.

High yield saving account usually offers up to 20 times the normal traditional savings account. That is some good money if you have some good capital that you can spare. Though this is not typically considered a long term investment, it is great for saving up toward a goal. The highlight though is that you earn money even as you sleep.

2. Money Market Funds

As the name suggests this is the kind of investment whereby several investors put in their money with the aim of acquiring a highly stable asset. Investors are compensated via dividends paid out to them.

A little degree of risk is involved here as the funds are not insured but in very rare cases have there been instances of loss. Best part, all you do is invest in the money market by a particular organisation. The organisation manages the fund and pays out the dividends. Great investment.

3. Royalties

This kind of investment is whereby someone pays you to use your property. Basically they buy the right to use your property. This could be a name you have patented like a chain of restaurants.

Basically you get a cheque every month from a business just because they are using a name you patented, isn’t that great? Or you can get royalties for people using a song you wrote or a piece of poem. Anything that is legally yours and someone else would want to use it, they can pay you royalties for using it. And you don’t have to do anything.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is the kind of investment where your efforts really matter because you get money based on the people you bring in to buy a particular product. The part of this that makes it a good investment is that the only thing you are investing in is the effort to bring in the person.

Most people do this by copy-writing or ads or a blog, once you master this part, the money starts rolling in because you are talking to different people at the same time. There are those that will not give you the time of day.

There are those that will listen but not do anything about it. And lastly, those that will do something and make a purchase. Once you get there, you will be making sales in your sleep. You wake up in the morning to find you made several sales and with it a good commission for yourself.

5. Start a Blog

This is a slow investment but very well worth it, if you are not patient in seeing result you could be a little disappointed in this. But investments sometimes take time to give results, so give it time and you will not be disappointed.

If you are passionate and knowledgeable about a particular subject, it can be about anything, trust me. You are likely to find more like you out in the world.

Write about it, soon enough you will get some traffic onto your blog and you can start monetizing your blog.

You can have ads display on your blog. Or mention affiliate products and services. You can also sell your own products and services.

The best part about this is that the investment is mainly in time. The monetary investment is very low, but has a high-income potential and when it picks you definitely make money as you sleep.


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6. Rental Income

This is by far the most stable and the most rewarding investment anyone can ever make. Why? Because it’s returns are crazy and you can never go at a loss. There are many different ways of going about this.

You can have a crowdfunded real estate, whereby several of you put your money together and bought property and now you can share in the profits. this is good if you do not have a big capital and want to share in this joy.

Some people could take the flipping approach, whereby you buy a house, repair and upgrade it, then resell it for a profit. Or you can buy a house and hold it, as real estate always appreciates, then sell it later.

You can be a landlord all on your own and have rental income coming from your tenants. Or have land and lease it to farmers who would want to use it to plant a crop for their business.

Basically, whether you sleep all day or wake up to work, at the end of the month, you still receive your dues. That is why this is the most sought after investment ever. Plus 90% of most millionaires became that way through real estate investment.

7. Stocks

This is a very lucrative form of investment because of its high returns in a seemingly short period of time. But with high reward comes high risk, so it is not uncommon for people to shy away from stock investment.

There comes in also the part of balancing between greed and fear. Because just as you are scared of losing your money on a bad day, there will also be a good day where you feel like you just can’t get enough and just want more to even recover the amount you had earlier lost.

That is a slippery slope because the market could shift against you. But if you can balance these and approach stocks with a disciplined mindset, it is an effective way of building up your wealth. Who does not want to do this?

8. Airbnb

The best part about this kind of investment is that you do not even have to be a landlord to do this and you can get crazy returns from this. All you need is a great space and make it the best it can look, you can do some interior decor and design to make it more appealing.

Then just list it on Airbnb, if you are approved you are well on your way to improving your financial well-being for the better. You pay the rent on the space you are renting and whatever remains goes into your pocket. With very little effort on your side.

9. Invest in a Local business

Another form of investment you can do is be an angel investor in a business that you see has potential and depending on the effort of the proprietors, you can begin to see returns very soon.

There is some risk involved with this though, the business could pick or the business could flop. If it picks, then you can kick back relax and wait for the cheques to start rolling in.

10. Having Online Property

The best investment you can ever make is betting on you. What better way to bet on yourself than investing in your intellectual property? In this modern age of technology, the best way to have this intellectual property is online.

Are you a good photographer, take photos and sell them as stock photos online. Are you good in a particular subject, make an e-course about it and teach others what you know.

Do you pride yourself in being a designer, make logos and sell them online. Are you a great coder, create software and sell it online.

Having these set out are bound to make you money weeks, months or even years after you made them.

11. Car-Hire Services

How about having several cars that you can rent out to people. The initial investment is what could be heavy but after that you are set for a very long time. As long as the cars work and are in good condition.

You basically earn money as you sleep, because you do not need to be there. You just give the car to the customer who needs it and you get it back when he is done with it plus your wages for him using your car.

12. Having an App installed in your phone

Probably the easiest investment, all you need to do is install an app in your phone. Apps like Nielsen Mobile Panel, Placed Panel App, Media Insiders Panel and Screenwise Panel pay you up to $185/ year to have them installed in your phone. The only thing you trade in is your privacy and you are paid at the end of a particular period which is usually a year and the pay is not much but hey, its basically free money, literally.

13. Purchasing Bonds

Another interesting investment is purchasing bonds, this is a great opportunity as you get paid interest for these, either annually or semi-annually or even monthly. How amazing is that? And your money is still safe because bonds have a time frame on them called maturity so when the bond matures, you can have your money back.

14. Vehicle Advertising

This is whereby you have your vehicle display ads for a company for marketing purposes. The company that you market for then pay you after a particular period, usually a month. All you have to do is have the wrap on your car and drive around doing your normal errands. Then get paid for it.

15. Be a Brand Ambassador

This could be the most rewarding form of investment, this is truly an investment because for you to become a brand ambassador you need to have a following, so that companies will want to work with you. The bigger the following the better your bargaining power for a good deal.

That means you need to have put your effort into a particular thing for you to get recognized for it and get the following. But once you get that deal, it is a smooth ride after that. You get a lot of merchandise to market for the brand. And afterwards, get paid for using the merchandise that they gave you.

16. Open an Etsy Shop

This is probably the best investment you can make especially if you have products that require a physical shop and you do not have funds for that just yet. Get an Etsy shop and list your products on there. It is basically a freelance for crafty individuals.

It is a great way to get your products out there and make sales. And the best part about it is that the charges are so little compared to the capital that would go into acquiring a physical shop.

17. Dropshipping

This is whereby you do not have the products yourself but if you get customers you transfer their details to the manufacturer or another retailer and the goods are shipped directly to them. So as not to lose your clientelle to the manufacturer or other retailers, you can have it done via blind shipping or private label shipping.

Blind shipping is whereby goods are shipped without a return address. Private label shipping is whereby goods are shipped with a return address customized to you.

You make profit in the retail and wholesale price difference. It is easy because all you basically do is refer clients to the manufacturer, the manufacturer does the rest and after that you get your cheque.

18. Flipping items

This is buying a revenue-generating asset and selling it again for a profit. This is an interesting investment because all you are doing is changing ownership of an asset from a seller to you, then from you to a buyer, at a profit. You may need to revamp the asset but most times you sell it as it is. Without you having to have done much.

19. Lease Equipment

This is whereby you acquire an equipment that is bound to bring in daily huge revenues then leasing it out to people who cannot afford to buy the equipment themselves. Works a lot like car renting, you don’t have to do much just give out the equipment, under an agreement of course and then get your payment according to your agreement. It could be daily weekly or monthly.

So that is a list of very interesting investments that will definitely make some money for you in your sleep. Granted some do need some heavy capital but the result is well worth it. And those that do not need a huge capital are easy enough to do. There is no way you can go wrong with these methods. Let me know how they work for you in the comments.

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