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11 Side Hustles That Let You Work From Home

We always want that job that does not require you to go to the workplace. Everyone wants that job that lets them work from home. Be it your own side-hustle or one that you are employed and your work is monitored online. Well, today I discuss some side-hustles that actually let you work from home and enjoy the comfort of doing other things that you enjoy as well as making sure that you can be able to afford them. Let’s get to it then.

1. Proofreading

This is the act of re-reading and reviewing a final draft of writing to ensure that it is accurate in spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. Proofreading is not to be confused with editing, which is a little more in-depth and deals with core issues like sentence construction and language clarity.

Now that you know what proofreading is, how can you make money from it, you ask. You sign up to platforms that offer the service to clients and become one of their proofreaders. Some platforms include but are not limited to;,,,,, After sign-up you are well into a good career working from home as you proofread clients’ works.

2. Transcription

Making money as a transcriptionist is quite easy as it does not require much qualification, you only need a good command of English, great formatting skills and good listening skills. And you are ready to go. Several sites offer these services and the entrance exams are not that hard, you can definitely ace it. I discuss more about the different sites that need transcriptionists and my personal favourite that gave me quite some cash here.


14 Great Transcription Sites To Work For In This Pandemic

3. Blogging

This is definitely one way to work from home and earn great cash while doing it. I should know because it is my main side-hustle. You can blog for your own site or you can be employed to write for a blog. isn’t that amazing? It just shows the potential blogging has. One thing about blogging and I know many of you have heard so much about it is, if blogging is something you have wanted to do and done some research on it. Is that you cannot be really successful in blogging if you are not passionate about it.

Two things, you need to be passionate about the topic you are writing about and you need to be passionate about writing. Because that is what blogging is mostly about. If you have those two down, then you are off to a great start. But if you would want to write for sites instead, I discuss more about that here.

4. Pinterest Virtual assistant

Who is a Pinterest virtual assistant, you ask? This is basically someone who manages a blogger’s or brand’s Pinterest account. This would include creating pins, scheduling pins, creating boards, managing boards and any other thing done on Pinterest on their behalf. This is to help them gain more followers on their Pinterest accounts and also to drive more visitors and followers to their website.

Pinterest is a great platform to get followers, as it is a search engine, much like Google and Bing but prettier. So companies and bloggers would pay to have someone manage their Pinterest account to make sure they are being found by the correct audience.

You can earn anywhere from $35-$50 per hour. Plus this would be for only one client so if you got good at this you can get more than one client driving up your potential earnings by the hour. You can do this full-time or part-time and easily make $100-$1000 per month or even more.

You need to have a passion for Pinterest to make a success of this position, but what is there not to love about Pinterest? Next, you need to know how Pinterest works, how to make edits to the pins, how to create boards, know which pins work better with which environment and how to add people to boards.

5. Data Entry Clerk

This could by far be the easiest job to do if you ever decide to work from home, why? Because it needs no experience whatsoever because it just involves you copying data from one source to another, usually to compile it so that it can be easier to look at it and compare the information.

All you need is a computer, internet and you are good to go. This is the most sort out job for people who want to work from home but have no idea where to start. You can start with this as you diversify to other fields. I discuss more about the platforms to get data entry work here.

6. Freelance writing

Writing has always been my favourite thing to do, ever since I was little. It helped me during a lot of my dark times and it is certainly helping me now as I get to earn doing something I truly love. If you are like me and you are passionate about writing, why not make some money out of it as well?

You can try starting a blog like I did, or you can write for sites that will pay you big bucks to write for them. Either way both of these ways are so worth it as a side-hustle. These sites pay you $50+ to write articles for them. But they have to be good, I discuss more on the sites and what is required for your article to be accepted here.


14 Legit Websites That Pay You $50+ Per Article

7. Online Surveys

Most companies and businesses always want to provide the best service and product for their customers, so sometimes they seek the help of online surveyors to achieve this goal. They pay the surveyors and the surveyors pay the panellists who take part in the surveys. If you enjoy giving your opinion on a product or service, then this could be a very good fit for you.

There are several platforms that do this, for example;,,, just to mention a few and most of these platforms have a sign-up bonus. So you already earn, just by signing up. Amazing right!

8. Flipping Items

This is most definitely one lucrative venture if you do decide to get into it. Sure it could take a while to pick but once it does, it will be so worth it. It entails getting a product that you know will be appreciated by your target audience, at a cheaper price then go sell it at the market price and the profit is yours. For example, you can buy dresses at $20.00 a piece then resell it at $29.99 a piece. The $9.99 is your profit for each dress you sell. So if you sell 100 dresses that’s $999.00 clean. How amazing is that!

9. Open an Etsy Shop

Are you a creative? Do you like to make things with your hands? Or do you like to create things digitally? Either way having an Etsy shop is a great way to start you on this venture of working from home. Etsy is an online platform that lets you sell creative things. They could be physical or digital, either way, you can earn a good buck on there. Just hop on to Etsy and open a shop, post your listings and start advertising yourself to get buyers.


Open Your Own Etsy Shop

Smart Money Woman-Etsy Shop

10. Create e-courses and sell them online

Do you know how to do something? Better than anyone you know? Why not teach it to other people who may benefit from it and get some cash while doing so? There are several sites that have such a platform, for example;, just to mention a few. You can just take a few hours of your time at home.

Record the course, you can use video doodles like to help you out if you are not very confident in front of a camera and voila! You have your course. You can price it at whatever amount you feel it is worth, but it is worth it to check out similar courses and see how they are priced so that you are not too high or too low.

11. Sell your stuff online

You may have stuff of yours that you do not need anymore, but as the saying goes one man’s meat is another’s poison. You may not need your stuff anymore but someone out there could need them. Instead of letting them just sit in your house, you can sell them and get a little cash on the side. You can use this money to add on to the money that you had saved up and get yourself something you want as well. There are several platforms you can use for this, for example;,,

Side hustles are a great way to earn a little cash on the side. It could even turn in to your main hustle over time, and from my experience, it is waaaay more fulfilling and enjoyable. Let me know if my list works for you in the comments and if you were able to quit your job and work for yourself at home.

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