Hi, my name is Alexis, I am an enthusiast of financial freedom. I love thinking about money and where to get extra money. I do a lot of research on this and I strongly believe that you should work for someone else just for a short time.

Get your foothold in the world and afterwards start your own thing. Invest and make your money work for you. It could be a business online or physical or just being a freelancer.

Or just plain investments that bring in money passively or offering your services to different clients and reaping the full benefits instead of your boss.

I am always finding ways of doing exactly this and try to show my friends how they can become financially independent. So I decided to start a blog so that I can be able to help more people become financially stable.

My goal is to give everyone who is willing all the information to enable themselves to free themselves from the rat race.

I do this for a living so I have experience in what I am talking about and I am definitely sure that the information I have will have some benefit to people.