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14 Great Transcription Sites To Work For In This Pandemic

We have had one very tough year so far with the break of the coronavirus disease that has left so many businesses down and so many people jobless. However, some businesses digitized and have had a lot of working from home and zoom meetings and the likes. And with zoom meetings comes a lot of transcription.

So among the few jobs that are still up and running, one of them happens to be transcription. Here I outline a few sites that could be great to work for as a transcriptionist. Whether you are a newbie or a professional. Let’s get to it.

What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting audio into a written format, it can be done by a software or by a human being. The accuracy of a software is significantly lower than that of a person but the turn around time is shorter. The turn around time is the time it takes for you to convert an audio file into written format.

1. Rev

Rev is one of the best transcription sites that I worked for. You get paid weekly via PayPal and the average earnings is $245.00 per month, with top earners earning up to $1,495.00 per month. Getting there is achievable with dedication and hard work.

You can sign up for an account and do the evaluation exam which typically takes like an hour to complete. And you are good to go, you can choose the jobs you want to do and how much work you want to do and what time you want to work.

Rev hold themselves to a very high standard of quality. So you have to be very good in accuracy and formatting or you could find yourself out of a job just as soon as you started. But that will not happen to you, you are a badass.

2. 1-888 Type It Up

This site has a very good pay rate which is $30-$180 per audio hour which makes average earnings of $ per month with high earners earning up to $ per month. Pretty impressive, right? But to whom much is given much is expected.

Though experience is not a requirement, they do have a very rigorous acceptance procedure. You need to fill out a job application and pay a fee of $39 for a month’s processing time or $59 for a week’s processing time or lastly $99 for 24hr processing time.

You fail the test you need to pay the fees again. Good thing there is no timer on the entrance exam, you can work on it at your leisure to make sure it is perfect.

You need to complete the instructions, once you are hired so that you can be assigned work. Once you do the work you get paid via Paypal.

3. TranscribeMe

This site has an interesting way of doing the transcripts called crowdsourcing. The file is divided into chunks of 10 seconds to ten minutes. Transcribed by different people and joined again. It is a great site to work for because based on the division of work, there will always be work.

You need to fill in an application form, a short training and the exam course. If you pass the exam you are contacted and work is availed to you but in some rare cases you may have to be put on a short waiting list as your registration is being processed.

4. Alice Darling Secretarial Services

They need to have some experience with transcription to work for them. They need a typing speed of at least 75wpm and proficiency in the English language and grammar skills, lastly the ability to keep a schedule. You need to send your resume to to proceed with the application process.

5. GoTranscript

They hire worldwide and have no requirements on the speed of a transcriber. You are given around 6 hours to finish 10 minutes of audio file. You just need to do the test job having read the guidelines to get started.

A lot of their jobs have heavy accents and low-quality audio so the test job includes this as well. But if you fail the test you can redo it after a few days. They pay up to $0.60 per audio minute which translates to $150 average monthly earnings, with top earners earning up to $1,215.00 per month. Payments are made every Friday via PayPal and Payoneer.

6. Scribie

Like most transcription sites Scribie offers both automated and manual transcripts. To become one of their transcribers you need to submit your application and take the test. They pay $5-$25 per audio hour and have a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours done. You can become a transcriptionist, a reviewer, a proofreader and a quality checker.

Potential earnings are $200 up to $1000. But if you work 8 hours for 6 days a week. They pay every day and have no minimum payout but the bonus is paid the 1st of every month plus you need to have a verified PayPal account to receive payments. And good thing they have no application fees,

7. Quicktate and iDictate

Quicktate have a wide range of items that can be transcribed, from memos to legal files and medical files and voicemail messages. iDictate transcribes all the above except from voicemail messages.

To get started you need to fill in their form and have a little biography of yourself this creates a typist account. It is activated when your references check out, which should be non-family. You need to pass the test and quizzes which have to be done following their requirements.

This is to determine if you are eligible to be given typing assignments, after which if you pass all, a background check is done to which you have to pay $20.00 then you can be well on your way to earning.

8. Daily Transcription

You need to meet some qualifications to work for Daily transcription, such as having a typing speed of at least 50wpm and the ability to meet strict deadlines. You fill out a career form and upload your resume, you are then redirected to the skills assessment test to evaluate you.

They have a scheduler where you update your available time. A notification is sent via email to make you aware of files ready for transcription. The details of the job are provided upfront so that you can decide if it is a good fit for you. They do provide training and you get paid weekly via cheque.

9. Voxtab

Opportunities at Voxtab are tremendous, you can apply to be a direct translator, closed captioning editor, quality analyst, subtitling expert, or lastly a transcriber.

You fill out a form on their website detailing the role you would want, your basic information, your experience and your address, then upload your resume. They pay $23-$25 per hour and you need to have a typing speed of at least 60wpm,

10. Verbal Ink

They have transcription and translation opportunities. If you want to apply to be a transcriber or proofreader or copywriter or editor you need to write an email to and you need to indicate that and you need to attach your resume as well.

If you are applying to be a translator you need to send your email to and indicate the language you are applying for also attach your resume. You need to be able to deliver your work according to the times you have selected, they have next-day and same-day options.

11. SpeakWrite

Their main area of expertise is in the legal, general and Spanish department. Emphasis is placed on the people with legal transcription experience. You need to have a 60wpm typing speed with 90% accuracy and have at least a year of transcription experience.

The pay is quite good, with monthly averages of about $450.00 and top earners earning up to $3400.00. The application process begins with filling out their application form and you are well on your way.

You need to complete the typing speed and accuracy test then later fill in the confidentiality agreement. Then do a few training jobs and later you can access the transcription jobs.

12. Babbletype

You can apply to be a transcriptionist, editor, proofreader or translator. If you would like to translate any of the following languages, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish to English, then send an email to to request for the application and test.

For the transcriptionists you need to know that 50% of their work is medically based, to determine if this is a good fit for you. And be able to do an audio hour of work every day for at least 4 days a week.

You also need to be knowledgeable and have great research skills. They pay via PayPal so you need to have an account. The test is about 10 minutes long and is to gauge if you can handle the challenges thrown at you. You send an email to and follow the instructions in the mail.

If you fail the test at least they are gracious enough to tell you why you failed. If you pass the test you get an interview formal paperwork and you need to schedule days whereby you will complete guided assignments

13. Ubiqus

They have several types of positions available, that is writers, translators, interpreters, transcriptionists and account managers. To apply you need to fill in a form, which details your personal information your experience, your internet connection and when you can start working. You need to upload your resume and cover letter then send and wait for the response.

14. 3Play Media

You can apply to be a transcriptionist or an editor. You need to have a typing speed of at least 75wpm, have a good command of english or spanish grammar, usage and punctuation. Have great research skills and be at least 18 years old.

The application process begins with filling out a form, which contains a transcription test and you need to test your typing speed. You also need to state if you have any prior transcriptioning experience.

The form includes guidelines on how to complete the test. When done click submit and wait. The compensation is $10-$30 depending on your efficiency.

As you well know the main advantage of taking transcription as a way of making money or as a career is that you have flexible working hours, you can choose your own projects, you can stay busy as work is there 24/7 with a steady stream of projects from the sites. You can become a transcriptionist for several sites and earn more as a result. Or you could try your hand at writing or freelancing if that’s an area you would be interested in.


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