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10 Smart Ways To Invest In Yourself

You are the best commodity you can ever offer this world. But before you can think of being an asset to the world you need to become an asset to yourself. How do you do that? You have to invest in yourself. Doing this is the best thing you can ever do for yourself and it turns out that you don’t have to spend a dime doing this. All you need to have is determination and a passion to succeed.

1. Time

Time is a precious commodity, once it is used up you can never get it back, and no matter how much money you could have you can never buy it back. So what you do with your time is very important. You must choose to invest your time in something that will make you better as a person. There are several ways you can invest in your time, all of which are necessary.

There is the time-assessing time, where you take a minute or two to assess your life. Also, there is the do-nothing time, where you can literally do nothing and just relax. You can choose to have the savouring time, where you just savour your environment and just take it in, it could be a cold beer or a nice sunset.

There is also the cushion time, this is where you have done what needs to be done in time hence you have time to cushion yourself and you can choose to make it better by working on it more. All of these are ways to invest in your time and make yourself a better human being for yourself and the people around you.

2. Career

Your career is an important part of your life, whether you are employed or you work for yourself. Improving your career will always be a vital part of your life. So how do you invest in your career? There are several things you can do to invest in your career: gain additional training, attend seminars that will grow your knowledge in certain parts of your career path.

You can go back to school and add some certifications to your arsenal. This will greatly improve your chances of being promoted or getting a higher paying job. Build your brand, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and your CV as well. Find a mentor or a career coach to help guide you properly towards the career goals that you have for yourself, they can even help you reach for goals you never thought were within your reach.

3. Self-love

Self-love has to be one of the best ways you can invest in yourself. You can invest in yourself by having some self-love routines, these can be; listening to good music, having a spa day, taking yourself out on a date. You can also choose to keep a gratitude journal where you write everything you are grateful for daily. Write positive affirmations for yourself that you can repeat to yourself in front of a mirror.

Check your company as well, because energies are contagious. If you keep the company of energy vampires you will always feel drained and with no energy to do anything. Even the things you love, but if you keep the right company, you will always be rejuvenated and in a great mood.

4. Organization

Having a clean and organized space is always a refreshing and good feeling. The organization of your space has proven to produce stimuli for your brain to focus on a specific task. Having clutter around you can be draining. That is why cleaning and decluttering have always been associated with decreased feelings of anxiety. Decluttering your space seems to also declutter your brain and a decluttered brain is good for your self-improvement journey.

5. Happiness

Happiness is essential to bettering yourself. Your happiness should never take the back seat because if you are happy you tend to do things right and often very well. So you should always strive to do things that make you happy, this can be things like; travelling, reading, watching a movie or hanging out with friends and family. Anything you can think of for as long as it brings you joy and you start to see your life change.

6. Health

Investing in yourself healthwise means so many things, you have to take care of your mental health. You need to mind your physical health by building your immunity and avoiding harmful substances like alcohol and nicotine. You need to put in the time to go to the gym and work out, this, in turn, releases feel-good hormones that help with both mental and physical health.

7. Skills

Learning new skills will and has always been a fantastic way you can invest in yourself and improve your life. It basically depends on what you need to do and basically what you want to achieve. You can decide to learn a new skill to enable you to have an extra source of income or you can decide to learn a new skill to have it as a new hobby that you engage in. Either way, it does really help to learn a new skill and it is a fantastic way to invest in yourself.

8. Money

I think this is basically a no brainer, investing money in yourself is a great way to better yourself. I mean it is the main reason why people get up every morning. The motivation for so many things, having more money reduces a lot of your stresses, whether you have a family or you are a single person, it is definitely amazing to have more money in the bank. It may not buy happiness and all that but it definitely greases so many wheels and makes the happiness come your way much faster.

9. People

This is said to be the human currency, you need to invest in people. Be it, friends or family. These are the people who will come to your rescue when you are having a bad day, or when things are definitely not going your way. Also when you invest in people, calling in favours becomes a breeze because people are unable to say no to you.

10. Habits

Habits definitely make or break you, you need to invest time in creating good habits and breaking bad ones. Atomic Habits by James Clear is a great way of trying to do this, You will always feel good when you keep a good habit and feel even better when you are able to break a bad habit. Try it and see how you will elevate your life.

Invest in yourself because you are the only person that has got you, no one else. You will elevate your life and you will feel way better when you actually do it. All the best on this self-improvement journey, I know it has been amazing for me, I hope it is for you.

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