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Money Mindset: 4 Tools To Help You Manifest The Life You Desire

Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? Most people have not as it is usually a close-guarded secret for the ones who actually know of it. I stumbled across it by accident actually and the more I read about it, the more most things made sense. How the rich kept getting richer while the poor stayed poor or got worse. It’s really not anybody’s fault because most of these things happen subconsciously. You are actually not aware that you are doing it.

95% of the brain’s activities are controlled by the subconscious mind. So it is up to you to use the 5% of your conscious mind to train the subconscious mind. I will not lie, it is not as easy as it may sound, especially as you get older. More of your activities are run by the subconscious mind. Ever heard people claim that that’s just the way they are? Well, that’s the subconscious mind speaking.

Coming back to the law of attraction and why the rich keep getting richer. They have trained their subconscious mind to think positive thoughts about money. And since we all vibrate at a certain frequency including the universe. Once these positive wavelengths are set out into the universe, the universe listens.

True it may take some time and most people usually give up before the thought has been fulfilled. But I can attest that it does work and it has worked especially for me. I do admit that I haven’t done it as diligently as I wish I would. But the little I have done has worked for me and I would like to share this with all of you.

1. The Law Of Attraction

What is the law of attraction? As the name suggests it basically means that the more you put out of something into the world, the more of it you will get. Ever heard people complain about how they just can’t seem to catch a break? Like everything is always not going their way? Well because sadly they keep telling the world, I have had a bad deal, give me more bad deals. I know it sounds absurd to ask for more but as we said earlier on, they don’t know that they are doing it, the subconscious mind is doing it for them. And this part of the mind is very powerful.

And the same is true for positive thinkers. They think of how grateful they are for the things that they have and they get more good things coming to them. Do you know how you always think that a particular person is just lucky? Most likely they aren’t, they are just manifesting using the law of attraction. How do they train their conscious mind to control the subconscious mind?

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2. Meditation

Meditation is essentially training your mind to have a different perspective on things. This is essential while trying to train your subconscious mind into working positively subconsciously. So how are you supposed to do it correctly? Just sit or lie in a comfortable position and relax, breath in and out comfortably. The goal is to relax so that your thoughts can flow freely, then concentrate on what you are thinking about. Is it good or bad and how can you be able to change it?

Some people use gratitude journaling as a way to change their perspective to a positive one. You wake up early in the morning and write down every single thing in your life that you are grateful for, however small. But when you start the day being thankful for what you already do have, the day tends to take a positive turn. Like I said before it takes time, so you may do it on the first day, week or even month with no visible results, but trust me, good things are there on their way coming to you.

Learning to meditate is a skill that is to be mastered just like any other skill. You can begin with like 10 min a day and go adding as you get better. Or you can start with guided meditation and slowly do it on your own when you get better. The trick is the more you do it, the better you get at doing it. You could be a night owl or a morning bird but either way, choose to do the meditation at a time when you can truly relax. A place that does not have a lot of noise distracting you.

3. Affirmations

This is basically a declaration of something as true. This is also a powerful tool for creating positive thoughts and manifesting a life you desire. All you need to do is basically say it in your head or say it out loud or write it down in your book, the things that you would want for yourself in this life. It is not enough that you just declare them, you have to work in line with your declarations.

After the affirmations, you need a plan, a daily, weekly and monthly plan of how you want to achieve all of these goals and follow through. You need to be consistent. Do it daily and do not tire. You always hear of the big success stories of how they were rejected so many times they almost gave up but they didn’t. You also have to push through until it happens for you. Do not give up.

My personal experience

Like I said earlier on I basically bumped into this by accident. I was busy going through my Youtube when an ad popped up. I listened to the ad and went on to listen to the masterclass. After the masterclass, I had a brand new perspective. Honestly, I did not understand like 60% of what was said as it was mostly very new information for me. But I was determined to change my life to one of abundance.

So I started slowly, I was still living at my parents’ house at the time with no job. After a week of doing what the masterclass had suggested I got my first interview and a job thereafter. I continued with the process as I was not done, a few months in, I got a better job. A year later of still doing this, I got another better job and with it a better house. I couldn’t believe it, I was so obsessed with this, we started doing it with my boyfriend. I think at this point he is way better than me, but we both do it.

As per now, I can say that my life is better for it. I have my highest paying job so far, one that is pretty flexible. I have several investments that earn me passive income. The ability to blog which is something I had been working on for a long time is also great. Honestly, I have not done it as diligently as I would like to but I keep trying every day. I can definitely say I am way better at it right now than when I started, so that’s progress.

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4. Abundance

The best thing about having a mindset of abundance is that you believe there is enough for everyone. So you don’t have to be jealous when a colleague gets promoted at work. You don’t have to hide an opportunity from someone since you view them as potential competition. With such a mindset, you are more peaceful with everything in your life. You even have enough headroom to think of new business ideas instead of harbouring ill feelings.

Well, that has been my experience with the law of attraction, manifestation, abundance and meditation. It is truly an amazing feeling once you start to see your work pay off. That the things you want for your self start to manifest in your life. This book was able to jump-start my path into this, it’s called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

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