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5 Best Budgeting Apps To Help you Save

Budgeting is a necessary skill. It helps you make financial decisions, plan for the future, and get out of debt. But budgeting can be stressful if you don’t know where to start or keep track of your finances. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best apps that can help you save money while managing your accounts.

These are some of the best apps for budgeting.

Mvelopes is the best app for budgeting. It’s available on iOS and Android, so you can use it with your phone or tablet.

Mint.com is an excellent alternative to Mvelopes if you’re looking for something that’s more user-friendly than what we recommend here (it also offers some features of our top picks).

Wally is an app that allows users to set goals and track their progress towards them as well as allocate money into specific categories each month, which makes it easier for people who want to save money but don’t have time right away because they need some extra help getting organized first!

1. Mvelopes

Mvelopes is an app that helps you budget and save money. It’s free to use and easy to set up, so it’s perfect for beginners who want a simple way of tracking their spending. You can easily see your budget and spending in a simple, easy-to-read format on the app’s home screen or through its notifications or from within other apps like Gmail or Facebook Messenger (we recommend using push notifications so that you’re alerted every time there is new information). The best part? It works on both Android devices as well as iPhones!

2. Mint.com

Mint.com is a free online budgeting tool that allows you to connect your bank account, credit cards and investment accounts. You can also track loans and mortgages, business expenses and more.

Mint is an easy way to keep track of all your personal finances in one place at all times. You can use the app as a daily planner or even schedule it so that it will sync automatically with other apps like Google Calendar or Apple Reminders so that you don’t forget about transactions or due dates for bills!

3. Wally

Wally is a free app that automatically tracks your expenses and income. It has a simple design, so you can use it even if you don’t have much expertise with budgeting apps.

You can set up a budget, goals for saving money, recurring payments and an emergency fund by entering information in the app or using its manual entry mode (which requires more time).

If you’re looking for something simple to help keep track of your finances without sacrificing too many customization options—and don’t mind spending some time learning how everything works—Wally may be worth trying out!

4. Pocketguard

PocketGuard is a great app for helping you budget your money. It’s free to download and has a free version that lets you track up to four different accounts. You can set budgets for each account and it will alert you when you’re overspending.

PocketGuard also offers premium features like real-time analytics and SMS alerts so that it’s easy to stay on top of how much money is going into each account—even if they’re in different cities or countries!

5. Spendee

Spendee is a free app that connects your bank accounts and credit cards to help you track your spending. It’s also got built-in calculators to help you budget and set up recurring transactions.

Spendee has a few features that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • You can connect multiple services (including PayPal) so that everything from one account can be tracked on the app.
  • It has an alert system so that if you spend more than your budgeted amount, Spendee will send an alert automatically to remind you not to go over by too much! In addition, there are no limits on how many alerts can be sent in any given month—so even if this happens once every two weeks or so (which is typical for most people), having those notifications coming through at regular intervals could really make all the difference when it comes time for planning ahead again next month or year!


With so many budgeting apps out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. But don’t give up! The point of this article was to help you find some good alternatives to Mint.com and Mvelopes. We hope that we helped you decide which app might work best for your needs or situation.

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