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8 Home Business Ideas for the Creative Person

So you’re a creative person. You like creating things, whether it’s music or art or writing. But what if I told you there was another way to get your creative juices flowing? What if I told you that there were businesses out there that would pay for your work? 1. Graphic Design Graphic design is …

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Short-Term Loans One Of The Fastest-Growing Companies Today

Short-term loans or Payday loans are some of the fastest-growing companies around today. A lot of it has to do with people needing money fast in the troubled economy. Of course, they shouldn’t be used lightly, and they aren’t the best choice for all situations. That being said, they aren’t all bad either. Sure, the …

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Financial Advisor: A Few Words Of Caution

Everyone wants to have a financially secure future. But for many that may just seem like a dream that they might not achieve. To ensure that you do have a secure financial future you need someone that can give you some unbiased, educated personal financial advice… a financial advisor. He/she provides financial advice as to …

track your habits
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The Power Of Tracking Your Habits

We literally have no idea the power habits have. They literally form the kind of person we become. A study showed that 40% of our decisions are not really decisions, they are habits. We do what we are used to doing all the time. For example, if you exercise daily, you will have a great …

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Business Plan Writing 101: Write Business Plans That Will Have Investors Reeling In

Having a superbly written business plan is the recipe for a potentially successful business. Knowing how to write a great business plan is essential to the success of the business that you plan to start. This is what you use to guide you during the startup of your business. This also helps you gauge and …

financial journey
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Start Where You Are: 7 Steps To Starting Your Financial Journey

Starting to do anything is different for everyone. There are those that are excited to start and those that find it a little challenging. Mostly because it is quite hard to leave a way of life that they were used to. Or they feel like it is too late for them to change like they …

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Money Mindset: 4 Tools To Help You Manifest The Life You Desire

Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? Most people have not as it is usually a close-guarded secret for the ones who actually know of it. I stumbled across it by accident actually and the more I read about it, the more most things made sense. How the rich kept getting richer while …

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6 Types Of Savings Accounts: Which One Meets Your Needs

Saving will always be a very fundamental part of your financial freedom journey. I know that’s how mine started. Knowing that you have that extra amount safe in your account with no threat to it, no responsibility on it. It gives you such power that you cannot believe. Because you know that just in case …