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How To Start A Business Without Money

Most people want to be in business for themselves, but to most people that usually seems like a far off dream in a far off future if they do not have the capital to start up the business. Well, I have some good news, today I share ways on how you can start a business with practically no money. You will be surprised that you already knew these things all along but never thought to implement them.

Start with what you already have

The surest success of doing something is just starting, so start with what you have, look at all your the things at your disposal, what can you use to help your business.


This is gaining information, facts and skills about a particular subject either through education or by experience. Look at the field you want to venture in. What do you already know about that field? The information that you already have, is it giving you an insight into the path you want to take? Does it give you an overview of whether this field is worth it and you can go ahead and venture into it? If it does add on to that knowledge and dive deep.


This is the ability to do something well, one is usually trained for a skill. You can learn it on your own or someone can teach it to you. So look at the things you learnt in school. Look at the things you need to learn so that you can kick start your business. Do you need to learn how to design so that you can design people cards? Do you need to learn code so that you can build people websites?


This is the practical side of the business, what have you observed in that field. What events made you think of getting into that field? Do you feel like there are not enough services like that being offered? Have you seen several people in that field have tremendous success and you want to get in on it? Basically, anything that left an impression in you and you want to explore it further. Use that and build on it.


What do you have at your disposal? Do you have a credit facility with your bank that encourages you to have a business? Any equipment in your possession that would facilitate you starting your business faster? Do you have a laptop? Internet? Maybe to start a website building business. Do you have a wheel-barrow and farm tools? Maybe to start a landscaping business. Do you have a printer and paper? That you can start a business-card making business. There is so much you can do with the items you already have and then build from that.

Who do you know

This is very key if you are to jump-start a business with no money. First things first, a business needs a steady cash inflow to keep it afloat. This needs people coming in who are buying your services or products. Having someone influential in your circle will be a really big boost. They are basically funnelling people to your business.

So ask them for help, ask them to recommend your services to the people they know, who knows someone might need your services and they just do not know that you exist. Even family can help in spreading the word, the more people know about you and your services, the higher your chances of getting business.

Research on the field you want to venture in

You need to research on the field you want to venture in, otherwise, you will start a business for something that people are not interested in and that is how most businesses fail. Research about the gap in the supply and demand, research what you can do to fill in that gap with the right product.

Research about your market, are they old or young? Are they sickly or healthy? Are they business-minded or home minded? You need to know your target market in and out, otherwise, you could land a big miss.

Take online classes to learn more about what you can offer to them, there are a lot of free trials you can take advantage of and learn a lot before they have to charge your card, just remember to cancel your subscription before the time is up. There’s Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, Webflow, just to mention a few.

Plan in detail

As the old saying goes failing to plan is planning to fail, it may seem like a cliche but those words are so true. Plan in detail everything that you need to do. Have a planner that focusses on your WIG. WIG is your Wildly Important Goal, which for now is launching your business. Have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Plan on how you plan to achieve this and where you plan to have reached by a particular time. Give yourself timeframes. Like, don’t just say I will learn to code, say you will learn coding by a particular date and Make sure you have plans in place to make sure this happens.

For example, you can employ the Ulysses Pact. The Ulysses pact is a measure to ensure you get things done. I use it a lot. It involves making a very easy choice now that binds us for a future where the decision may not be that easy. For example, making an automatic billing to someone (mostly your accountability partner) if you fail to do a particular task. Making that automatic billing seems so easy but when you fail to do the task and your bank account begins to drain, that’s when you know things are serious.

Have an accountability partner, most likely someone who is not easy on you, someone who will make sure you do what needs to be done. Having someone to answer to gives you more drive to do something because you do not want to let this person down, another thing you do not want to get the tongue lashing if you do not do it.

Type of businesses to start with no money


This is the type of a business where you get to give expert advice on a particular field, mostly one you are very familiar with, especially if you went to school and studied about this. Examples are:

Real estate Consulting

Entertainment Consulting

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

Financial Services Consulting

Health Care Consulting

Architectural/Engineering Consulting

Service based businesses

This are the kind of business where it mainly depends on a service you are offering. You don’t have to sell any tangible products. And you can even come up with your own idea that is unique to you and you think other people can use it. Examples of service-based businesses are:


Digital marketing

Graphic and Web design

Life coaching

Translation service



Hair styling

Make up artistry

This are just a few ideas you can employ, but the list is almost endless.

The world is full of things you can do , you just need to know where to look and you’ll be surprised by the opportunities you can find. Tell me what you think of my list and how it has helped you I would love to hear it.

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